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It's Wednesday, May 19th. It's a 'fruit' day, biodynamically, and an '11' day, numerologically. Since '11' is a Master Number and all about following your inner star, I think it's fabulous that this day is also the last day of Gate 8...

"Line 6 - Communion The certainty which grows out of harmony. Exaltation: The awareness of patterns that ensures correct timing. The gift of knowing when to contribute creatively."

I had a lot of moments today!

What makes a moment memorable for you?

It was fun to work with Chris and then take a moment to walk to the far edge of the garden and look at what I will likely never landscape. It's important to keep some 'wild'!

Chris also brought over a painting (amazing art by Elizabeth Cockey), which reminded me of a me of a moment last week in Greenwich!

Isn't it lovely?

And then, late afternoon, both Nathan and Mark showed up...and we had a lovely moment as family.

I am so much better at trusting timing these days...much more so than say, a decade ago.

I also believe there are certain moments happening now for the collective.

Maybe you are aware of the coming disclosure of the UFO/Unidentified Arial Phenomenon?

Truth, timing, creative contribution, and memorable moments - oh, my!

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