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Miss Spelling

It's Sunday, January 31st and despite rumors of a Nor'easter, the sun is shining and my outside thermometer reads 0 degrees. It's a '1' day, so a good day to take care of practical necessities; a ''fruit' day, biodynamically until this evening. We also hit both Left Angle days of Gate 19:

"Line 5 - Sacrifice The need to limit personal potential in order to achieve a larger goal. Exaltation: The self-restraint fundamental to such a nature. Energy to keep one's sensitivities restrained. Line 6 - The recluse The avoidance of contact in general but not exclusively. Exaltation: The fool on the hill. The sage, that if you can find him, will talk to you. The energy which generally fuels avoidance."

Since I was up at 3:00am, getting insight about 'misspelling' and the impact of it on our consciousness, I thought I might share a few thoughts.

Like the fact that the prefix 'a-,' means away from; the prefix 'ad-' means towards, or to.

I realized it's time to rename things - change their 'misspelling' and cast a new spell. This way, my bank adcount can continue to grow!

I choose now (like Charlie Freak) to 'innerstand', rather than 'understand'.

And though we have been promised this presidency would '6uild 6ack 6etter,' I'm seeing through the s(p)elling of a 'New Normal' and 'Great Reset.'

I trust intrinsic integrations and innate intelligence of my Authentic Self over explicit explanations ...because my job is joy and I love a'void'dance!

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