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It's Thursday, April 8th. It's an '8' day, numerologically - a good day for getting things accomplished, businesswise. Biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day through tomorrow morning; then around 1:00 pm, we move into 'leaf.'

I was pretty efficient this morning until Brandon arrived: got another coat of primer on the window and door frames, painted a red circle (for Feng Shui) around the toilet flange and the sink drainpipe, and then headed outside to do a little raking.

It was sweet seeing the hyacinths peeking through. When I crossed to the other side of the road to rake the front gardens, I got frustrated with raking pretty fast.

When the roads were repaved last year, the road crew left huge chunks of chewed-up pavement, which the snowplows simply plowed into the flowerbeds.

I grumbled at the lack of accountability.

Amazingly, the tender flowers are still emerging; even as I am still wondering how to best clean things up...this little Hellebore is determined to grow through the mess.

So, we moved into the Left Angles of Gate 51; "the ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation. The competitive power and drive to leap into the void first.

Line 5 - Symmetry Exaltation: Perfected illumination that in grasping the nature of the shock, can transform its normal patterns into a symmetrical adaptation that rides the shock and avoids its devastation. The perfection of the warrior ego through instinctive adaptation."

I am taking a lesson from these flowers: grow through the mess even as I decide how best to adapt to the shock and devastation....and clean things up.

Are you seeing messes?

Are you ready to claim responsibility and clean them up?

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