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Mermaids & Bridges

It's Wednesday, December 2nd - a '9' day and the last day of Gate 9:Line 6 - "Gratitude The joy which comes with accepting small rewards for small victories. Exaltation: The Moon exalted, where the power of the small nourishes right perspective. The power to enjoy the concentrating process.

Detriment: No single step is of value until the journey is over. The energy for expression that cannot find joy in the process until it is complete."

I have enjoyed every aspect of 'the concentrating process,' that took me from CT to RI last night...driving over bridges to get from one location to the next.

Additionally, I also have joy in the process, as it is 'complete' and I am back home from this journey.

(Doesn't it also make you wonder what joy there might be with the review at the end of this life-journey?)

I loved the symbolism of the different bridges, their designs, and styles.

When you think about bridges, do you have a favorite that comes to mind?

I lost count of how many I crossed as I traveled around...appreciating the felt sense of intuition, guiding me from one location to the next; bridging the known to the unknown.

The reassurance of seeing Mermaids at each place was another bit of validation.

I know this is more than's a cellular memory shared with my Mer-family from the days of Atlantis.

(Do you have that sense? That you were then, too?)

Each place I landed held a clue as to what was ready to be cleared; what was ready to be created.

How often do you see a mermaid holding a star?

Yeah, I thought that was pretty special.

Remember, the Universe communicates in symbols, numbers, and pictures.

Since I identify with number 17 (which is the Star in tarot) I felt such gratitude for this final Mermaid.

Arriving in Chester, I found fat snowflakes falling. This may be the last adventure for a while...

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