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Memorial Day

Today, Monday, May 25 (the last Monday in May) is set aside to honor and mourn military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Do you have someone who served and died? That you honor and mourn? Perhaps you are just happy to have this day as a federal holiday, to start the celebration of summer....?

My father was an officer in the Air Force. I met my sons' father when I, myself, was on active duty and his father, whom I called "Big V", was a Lt. Col. in the Army. Revisiting my military heritage and experience is a mixed bag of emotions. Not for the reasons you might think.

More than anything now, I'm discovering how much brainwashing, programming, and manipulation has been perpetrated on soldiers, who honestly desire to serve their country...and the level of betrayal and suffering they experience when they realize they have been used as unwitting pawns in the War Machine.

I felt shocked and angry when I found out Henry Ford had been given the highest Nazi medal of honor...and that was because I was already aware of (and had processed emotions around) many of the other atrocities this documentary addresses.

And have you heard of Smedley Butler? He was a true military hero, in my opinion - willing to speak out about the real reasons for war and America's involvement and creation of them. Only when we are willing to step out of the Hegelian Dialectic can we begin to see how our thoughts and actions have been guided into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.

How easy is it for you to change your mind? Learn new things? Ask, investigate, research?

It requires courage to start questioning everything that we've been told.

Mark Twain is credited with saying:

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

What does this mean for history? His Story? The story written by the winner?? How have we been fooled? How long has this been going on?

Today, I am honoring ancestors and healing bloodlines by clearing residual trauma around war, battles, and bringing to light some realizations of why they exist.

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