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Magnetic Attraction

When I woke up on this Tuesday, April 21, I was aware of landing gently in my body with a very clear message: being sovereign means that we need to disconnect from the energies that we have been feeding and I need to remind people how to clear.

The visual was funny - taking a kitchen magnet and running it all over your head. Of course, this is what Dr. Bradley Nelson suggested in his book: The Emotion Code- he even created the tool, itself.

It's a magnetized list of emotions and their organ of origin. The concept is very much like the premise of clearing a video cassette or a credit card with a magnet - it erases stored information when you swipe it over the top of your head - or the Grand Meridian. (If you want one, I still have a few for sale)

As you can see, mine is pretty used!

And though my clearing protocol has expanded beyond Nelson's teachings, this is solid basic info to remember at this time.

Especially after listening to Bruce Lipton's invitation the other day ( reminding folks about their power and ability to consciously interact with and impact cosmic quantum energies with their electro-magnetic thoughts. Another good reminder!

And what about the reverse? Those frequencies that keep us in a perpetual loop of hopelessness and despair? Anguish and depression? Some have been used as psychological warfare and torture.

In all seriousness, I'm recalling my first visit to meet Preston Nichols ( who, as a sound engineer was well aware of these realities. I was thrown for a bit of a loop to meet his assistant, who sported a Paul Revere stockpot on his head.

Well? Wouldn't you have rolled your eyes, too?

After all, we've been programmed to think of these 'alternative thinkers' as crazy, conspiracy theorists. Truthfully, I did question his sanity - although he sounded very rational and logical in conversation...and now I realize he was simply creating a barrier to any incoming, interfering electro-magnetic frequencies.

Holy cow! Maybe he was the sensible one??

Signing off - to go make my tinfoil helmet....

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