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Magical*Mythical* Mystical

It's Thursday, August 27th. (Happy Birthday, Tony & Katya!)

It's my Birthday Eve, and like every other year, I seem to get a bunch of downloads/upgrades right around this time. I was up last night from 3:30am -4:30am and working with energy from the magical realms.

It seems they have a lot of information, with regards to how "it's time to reconnect with our personal power sources."

Do you know what that means?

Yeah, I didn't really, either - until the visions & info started coming in, fast and furiously.

It's time to reattach/regrow our 'wings,' which is about taking flight, freedom, and levity!

How can we flit about, when we're still carrying the weight of the world?

It's time to reattach/regrow our 'tail,' which is about balance, flexibility, and speed!

How can we move quickly through uncharted waters/territory (emotions), if we don't have this ability?

Isn't it magical that this little mermaid ornament has both wings and a tail...and red hair?!

I also love that the hook doubles as a 'halo.'

It was a Christmas present years ago...made in Mexico.

And we need to reattach/re-member our 'halos,' 'horns,' 'tusks,' and '-corns' (think: 'uni-corn').

Like antennae, they allow us to contact our magic connections, provide protection, and bring in creativity....

(Perhaps this is part of energetically activating the part of our DNA the scientists don't understand - and therefore label 'junk'?)

Sounds fantastical, right? Or ...crazy??

Who's to say...

All I know is that it was magical to come home from errands today to find this lovely presi...thank you, Cynthia!

I'll wait 'til tomorrow to open it because I thrive on anticipation.

What magical, mystical, mythical experiences are showing up for you?

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