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TGIF, September 4th. Happy Birthday, Elaine and Joan!

Even as I'm singing to you here, I am thinking about how often we sing along with lyrics of catchy songs. Do you really listen to what you're singing? Our cells are!

When I choose songs with uplifting words, I feel energized.

Last night my brilliant neighbor sent me this new song, which I am happy to share.

Having uplifting songs to hum, sing, chant is good. I know that the lyrics are actually strengthening me at a quantum level.

I love this album, featuring Tina Turner - she was one of the first big artists, whose concert I attended as a teenager.

Who are your favorite artists?


Is it the songs they sing, the lyrics - or memories they evoke?

Karen Drucker was recommended by my friend Kath. Singing along with Karen Drucker is like feeding my consciousness the same kind of really nourishing, satisfying food that I feed my body.

On a field trip with the girls the other day, I popped Amy Steinberg into my car's CD player (almost obsolete technology) and shared her fun lyrics.

It's like offering something delicious - without calories.

One of the girls is a composer and musician. I laughingly told her I will start writing poetry... if she writes the music to create songs that are catchy and uplifting.

Not long ago, I shared a song with my sons, who reminded me that if I love a song, I can just buy the song - and don't need to buy the whole CD.

Yes, that is true.

When something is beautiful, uplifting, wonderful, though, I believe the artist is worthy of my support.

So - find an artist that lifts you up.

Oh...and a shout out: Happy Liberation to Sheila! On to new adventures!!

Sing loudly! Feel the healing...

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