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Lovin' This Sh*t!

It's Friday, April 23; a '5' day, numerologically (were you open and receptive to all of the good the world offered you, today?); a 'fruit' day, biodynamically - and in the wee hours we'll be moving to 'root' through Monday night.

I was up pretty early, super excited to be receiving a double load of aged manure.

The friendly young man commented that he thought I would probably like it...Ha!

Doesn't everyone know how much gardeners value black gold? I LOVE it!

As I moved several loads onto various beds, I saw a sweet Chickadee couple establishing their home in the little round birdhouse.

(Most interesting about this photo is the variance of color in the frequencies coming down - as thick as mist...)

This was the early part of the morning; me, contemplating again, how everything has its 'right place.'

Later I changed and drove to Claremont, where Cody switched my snowtires over and Mike mentioned that it might be time for a ball joint replacement. Okay. This seems like 'Mechanic Speak' for $$repairs.

To me, I hear 'ball' and think canning jars; 'joint' - well, not necessarily car parts, ya know?

Just for fun, I popped into Love's Bedding to look at chairs - and found these fun signs.

Once home I listened to Elana Freeland's interview, as I caulked baseboards in the bathroom. Wow! What a grounded perspective synthesizing much of what has been dismissed as conspiracy.

This evening, with 3 good friends, we discussed why this would be coming to our awareness.

My answer (again) is this: when we become aware of what we don't want, we can clear/heal/change it. We are that powerful.

If, however, we refuse to look at what is surfacing, we remain powerless.

This coincides with today's energy: "Gate 27.3 - Making things better or not today"

Yup, I think we just need to 'love this sh*t' on every level!

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