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Little changes

This morning, Wednesday, April 8, I woke up a little achy. It was good, actually - I had spent the entire day outside yesterday raking and weeding. In a sense, I have an authentic workout built into my day with no gym membership costs! Are you able to spend time in nature? Are you honoring your body's desire to move and stretch?

A few years ago, I had an awareness that I had been working and working outside and felt like no progress was being made. That evening, I actually took inventory and realized that, over the years, I had created 47 different gardens! It hadn't happened all at once, so I didn't notice until that point. Have you taken ever taken a reflective moment to have an 'Aha!' like that?

Needless to say, I will be taking a little recovery time today to work on other things.

And - introducing you to my favorite word game: word trek! This game can be played alone and is a great way to keep entertained. Basically, you choose words with the same number of letters and shift one letter (or rearrange letters) in order to move the first word to become the second. Each letter change (or rearrangement of letters) must create a word, itself. Does that make sense?

Here's mine for today, turning 'fear' into 'love':

Of course, it's easy when you start with 3 letter words (this can be done with younger children!) and 4 letters are a bit more challenging. When you get to changing 5 letter words, make sure you have a LOT of room to write!

The goal is to move in as few changes as possible...and have fun!

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