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It's Monday, June 29th and I started my day with a lovely call to Anarka. It was a chance to catch up for a bit and share some of the crazy synchronicities that have happened over the course of this month. Have you been noticing them? She reminded me (like other friends!) that it's really time to write about these experiences - especially some of the more esoteric ones.

Yes, I know. I can sometimes be the Queen of Procrastination!

Of course, I also work with Divine & Perfect Timing...

After a follow-up call and some clearing work with Katya, Cynthia arrived and we began to look at some of the themes and patterns that have been taking place at the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels.

The tea water was still hot when Darlene arrived. As the three of us were conversing, the rain started really coming down, followed by several big flashes - including one that popped right into the kitchen. Wow!

No fuses blown....? No power outage?!

Okay. Message received. After the girls left, I began to jot some notes down to follow-up with details.

Once finished, I got a clear message that it was time to create a special oil for Transition and Transformation.

Alice the Alchemist on the job!

As I worked, filtering the flower-infused oil and divining which essential oils to add, I found myself remarkably unsurprised to be adding rose oil, which holds the highest frequency of all essential oils.

As a result, this Rose-Gold Oil is a combination of all frequencies required to assist with moving through this final stage of density. As I carefully filled the small vials, I wondered how to share this information with folks.

If you feel you would benefit, let me know; they are $25 each and I am donating 100% of the $$ to SPACE.

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