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Lighten Up

It's Wednesday, June 30th. the last day in June; a '5' day, numerologically (have you been able to soak in some sunshine of life?) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. Will is making a lovely roasted corn salad with cilantro, which smells amazing!

Today felt a bit celebratory - before hitting the hay last night, the four of us did some major clearing. (Truth be told, it was so intense my hearing temporarily vanished, I got tunnel vision, and thought I would pass out...I'm sure this is why I felt some initial reservations about coming).

Waking up this morning, we were able to address a few remaining issues and cleared them, before hitting the beach.

At one point I realized that all of us were asleep, horizontal on the sand - and very likely moving residual energy through the vertical (heart) axis - collectively and collaboratively grounded.

After an afternoon cup of tea, I felt the shift was complete and returned to the ocean. Anita, Elka, and I took this opportunity to clear Elka's crystals in the ocean saltwater.

I'm so grateful to have been able to be part of this whirlwind experience - and am also quite curious what the ripple (butterfly) effect will look like, upon returning.

Have you noticed a shift the last few days? Have any timelines merged for you?

Has anyone contacted you out of the blue?

This is the last day of "Gate 52: Harmonious illusion or delusion today

Line 6 - Peacefulness Exaltation: A harmonic and balanced attunement that is at ease regardless of the situation. The lack of pressure in times of stillness."

For the four of us, it does feel like a 'harmonious illusion,' rather than delusion...

Maybe we'll be able to carry this frequency moving through the beginning of July?

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