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It's Sunday, April 11, 2021. Biodynamically, it's still a 'leaf' day, (although by tomorrow afternoon, we move into 'fruit,'); numerologically it's an '11' day Master Number (highly attuned and very spiritual frequencies and vibrations!). As I started my day, contemplating the Clearing Circle scheduled for the afternoon, I wondered what the theme for today's post might be.

As per usual, the theme became clear during the course of my morning activities.

I started outside, raking for a bit because even though the sky looked overcast, it wasn't raining. I felt happy to be working, grateful for the physical activity, and then - really grouchy when I nearly stepped in a piece of dog doo. In. My. Garden.

Left over from Fun Friday.

This, of course, allowed me to run through a gamut of emotions and judgments; from irresponsible/disrespectful/unaware pet owners, to self-flagellation for relaxing my own boundaries around allowing pets at events, to general annoyance at cleaning up messes.

I dealt with it, went inside and fixed a late breakfast with some parsnips and peppers from Friday's potluck. And it suddenly struck me as hilarious that, in a sense, these were both 'leftovers;' the dog doo and the veggies.

Why was I deciding one was good and the other not?

After all, it was all a reflection of mine to clear and heal, right?

What a fabulous opportunity for me to look at how I was blind to the messes I may have left for others to clean up, rather than take ownership and responsibility, myself.

By the time I got to the water bottle which had also been left (is it yours?), I had to chuckle. For sure the Universe wanted me to address this issue!

I was grateful for everyone who came to today's Circle. It really felt that in clearing the various patterns and themes today, we made space for all of the new opportunities arriving with the New Moon in Aries. Lena reminds us that, "...the responsible and mature thing to do is to forgive the past, let go of your attachment to suffering and harness this fiery, creative energy to move yourself forward in the most positive way."

As if to confirm this, we have: Gate 42.2 - "the theme of recognizing change or not."

"Line 2 - Identification Exaltation: Recognition and acute capitalization of trends. Power for growth through participating in trends."

I do feel that this New Moon will catalyse more courage around new beginnings. Folks who show up here today have certainly seen through the contrast of what no longer serves and cleared those out to anchor in higher frequencies.

Are there any 'leftovers' you have to address, so you can maximize the powerful creative energy of this New Moon?

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