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Land & Water

It is Tuesday, June 29th. Numerologically, it's a '4' day (were you able to stay heart-centered?) and biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day. It was lovely to start this morning with local produce and fresh mozzarella...

After some Human Design work, deep memory exploration, and contemplation of various current relationships, it was time to head to the beach. And the ocean.

Here the work continued...

Consider the emotions held in this vast amount of water: Hurricane Sandy being an example of a fairly recent tragedy.

Shipwrecks, drownings, flooding - every frequency held and spread across the globe.

Does clearing happen, as these waves rhythmically pound the shores?

Yes, if we engage intentionally with the consciousness of the water!

As I felt the strong pull of the tide, I considered the thousands of people who had walked on the beach before me; the numerous sea creatures that lived in the depths.

And I watched as the adults engaged with their inner child selves.

We need days like this!

It's making the most of the energy of "Gate 52.5 - Focus on details or not is theme:

Explanation In times of inaction, the often important ability, to explain one's position. Exaltation: The often terse but exceedingly accurate statement. Where inaction and focus can lead to detail."

Who knows what else is being healed with this 'inaction'?

What other timelines...Atlantis? Lemuria?

Creating intentional recreational pause to allow unconscious memories and covert trauma to bubble up is also part of the healing process.

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