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Kitchen Witchin'

It's Sunday, January 17th - my favorite number 1.17!! The excitement around here this morning is - more snow....big surprise. So, rather than talk about shoveling (yet again!), I will touch on today's Gate 60: Line 2 - Decisiveness "Exaltation: The understanding of the nature of limitation, to accept its restraints when necessary and thus be able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Energy which can adapt to restraint."

I will share how Stacie and I made use of the snowy day yesterday - inside this cozy kitchen - concocting a double batch of Herbal Salve.

To me, this is a perfect example of all of the above: limitation, taking advantage of opportunities, etc.

I can happily channel energy into productive projects!

Though the kit arrived with comfrey, plantain, lavender, and calendula (herbs that I also grow and harvest), we fortified this batch with the following essential oils:

  • Myrrh, for: Mother Earth Connection

  • Frankincense, for: Truth

  • Helichrysum, for: Pain

  • Clove, for: Boundaries

  • Copaiba, for: Unveiling

  • Cassia, for : Self-assurance

  • Cardamom, for: Objectivity

  • Coriander, for: Integrity

  • Black Pepper, for: Unmasking

  • Lavender, for: Communication & Calm

Of course, all of these oils have other amazing properties, too...

The fun part was decisively selecting them - divining whih would be beneficial in this batch, which Stacie will now take back to share with her colleagues.

Now, I have a little time to consider what else would be fun, necessary, relevant, important....

What are you doing for fun?

Have you been finding an outlet for your creativity?

Are you a happy hibernator - or outside in the winter wonderland?

Have you bought plenty of popcorn??

I hear there's a really great show going down...

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