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Keeping the Change

It's Tuesday, March 9th; an '8' day, numerologically and a 'root' day, biodynamically. This seemed like a good day to start some onion (roots!) seeds.

I've not started them from seed before, yet I had an onion sprout some last year, so why not experiment?

I created a mini-greenhouse out of a salad container to start...when they grow up, I can figure out where to go from there.

Besides this, I have done a little further investigation into supplements (did you know that Philip's Milk of Magnesia by Bayer contains Sodium Hypochlorite? Commonly known as bleach? (Thanks, Melanie, for this detective work)

Interestingly, my cheap no-name brand does not have that as an ingredient...

I only ever use it topically with a few drops of essential oils, as a deodorant. Still! It's as disturbing to find out about as fluoride

in your toothpaste.

What else will be unearthed?

Well, I also listened to this interesting link:

an interview with General McInerney and read the transcript of the whistleblower...

and this speech about the 'vaccine'.

We've got to face it to change it!

As the snow melts a rainstorm from the barn onto the greenhouse roof, I consider today's energy:

Gate 22: Line 3 - The enchanter "Perfected grace. Exaltation: Form as a definition and actualization of substance. The possibility for perfected openness through the alignment of emotional energy and awareness."

Is this like the drip, drip, drip > flood?

Moving everything into alignment gradually?

So that, really the collective awareness and emotional energy can be stabilized with each bit of news?

In one sense, I'm grateful to be aware of what is going on...and yet, I'm also really looking forward to the conclusion of this epic drama.

Must be time for a cup of tea and deep breathing...being & keeping the change.

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