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Jupiter Rules Faith?

It's Sunday, May 16th. Numerologically today's date adds up to '17' (I do love that number!) which is also '8.' Biodynamically, it's still a 'flower' day.

This morning was simply beautiful - sunny, breezy, and fragrant. It made it really easy to be in the garden and forget the rest of the world. That said, I do know there is plenty going on right now; things are finally coming to light and changes are happening.

Thank goodness!

As I caught up with Telegram this morning, this quote from Jimmy Levy struck me: "No one realizes how hard it is to be red-pilled and still function every day. People who are awake deserve a lot more credit."

Perhaps this is why I write this blog...? To balance holding such extremes?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here are a few links:

I've shared many (if not all) of these stories...and sometimes links 'disappear.'

Sometimes it's too much to hold and creates cognitive dissonance.

In order for us to move forward and heal, though - as individuals and a collective - we must be willing to look at what's been happening. I continue to hold faith that all of this corruption is coming to light, so we can address it and finally get to creating a world we want.

This is why I love Cal Garrison and her weekly horoscopes! When she shares a perspective such as: 'Jupiter rules faith,' I have my own faith boosted; faith does make all things possible.

It's also what allows me to 'still function' every day. Thanks, Jimmy - you 'get' it!)

Finally, too, it's about "Gate 8:Holding Together; Gate of Contribution - Leading by Example The basic worth realized in contributing individual efforts to group goals. Through example, the contribution of the individual is impressed on the collective.

Line 2 - Service Exaltation: The highest good, to serve selflessly. The potential to be an example through unselfish expression."

I choose to believe my individual efforts are contributing to the collective goals for humanity...are you in?

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