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Happy Wednesday, May 20th. It's pretty glorious outside here this morning and I ventured out into the dew barefoot. Are you able to venture outside? Do you have a serene place in nature to visit?

As I wandered around soaking up the sunshine and green, I noticed a small web. Can you see it?

I had to leave this photo big, so you (like I) could appreciate it's intricacies. It was only visible because of the dew and the angle of sunlight. And I chuckled to myself because I thought about how I had just written about the story/metaphor/analogy of Indra's Web!

Don't you just love synchronicities? Doesn't it feel like confirmation you are on the right track?

As I marveled at the various layers of spinning, covered with tiny sparkles, I flashed on the conversation with my Tuesday Treasure Hunters: one of the coaching conference- calls I host.

I heard myself referring to them yesterday as a 'Web of Wise Women' and reminding them that we are connected energetically at a heart level.

As we shared, I felt that energetic connection and was reminded how powerful it is when we consciously acknowledge that connection with others; it allows a moment for each person to pause and feel it, for themself.

There are numerous wonderful men, who have awoken to the fact they hold a vital role in holding the Divine Masculine as a foundation at this time. I am so grateful for them!

They are the framework for the new paradigm. The foundation. They are accepting change without seeing it as a challenge to their masculinity. They are not threatened, because they, too, understand that we have been working with unsustainable models and they are happy to support the insights and intuition of the Divine Feminine.

They allow me, as the Divine Feminine to connect with other women to rise fully into our empowered role of creation. There is no longer any need for cattiness, secret jealousies, or competition. As we each recognize and honor ourSelf and play our part, the web is strengthened. We feel the connection. We support each other as women: sisters, daughters, mothers,, supported by our men: brothers, sons, fathers, and grandfathers.

And although there are times when this 'web' seems invisible, we begin to understand we are indivisible. Can you feel it?

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