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It's Tuesday, August 4th and It.Is.Raining.

Not just a little, mind you, rather a real downpour. No need to water the garden!

I had been planning to paint today - the Universe, however, had other plans from the moment I opened my eyes this morning. I started out making a lovely zucchini soup and getting ready for additional friends.

Two calls came in that some were unable to come.

What does that mean? Adjust. Okay.

Then I got calls with questions about Clearing and the Color Meditation.

What was that about? Stretching time. Okay.

My amazing neighbors showed up.

This was pure magic! As we started exploring what was happening, more information started coming through.

We were inside, talking about DNA (Ha! - also 'inside') and realizing that we are perhaps the inside DNA of something even grander?

Information kept flooding in.

No painting happened. One friend after another called or stopped by to say hello.

I took a meander down to the swale - also flooding - and then to the river.

Sometimes I have a moment of panic when it rains, remembering Hurricane Irene: the flow of the water washing out half of the mountain and expanding my property line to provide beach...

How have you been weathering this storm?

Have you noticed a momentum of energy?

Have you felt your concept of Self expanding?

As we consider what it really means to be human - and all that might entail - it's incredibly exciting to recognize what we are also capable of becoming: stretched beyond boundaries, flooded with new information, and growing with the flow.

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