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It's Tuesday, July 20th. Really, this day feels like it's been a week long...

Biodynamically, it's been a mix of 'gray' day and 'leaf' day (were you craving tea? Wanting salad?). Numerologically, it's a '5' day - so yes. All about change and surprise.

What has not been a surprise lately?

I mean, really.

I'm surprised at how this garden has exploded with dill, cilantro, and various other surprises. Especially, since I didn't plant any of it...

Also, I'm surprised (and quite grateful!) that local folks are starting to find me for the work I do.

And I'm thrilled to have had two amazing, productive, skilled people here to help me work on a few projects.

Joe finished the deck and stairs today - and took the initiative to sort trash and leftover parts and pieces out.

I'm always thrilled when projects come together better than I can even envision them...and when someone goes the extra mile, well. I'm so grateful.

I was equally taken with Dale - who not only finished moving the mulch pile, he also started the edge of the front garden bed.

That is initiative!

How funny to think of how today's energy may have played a part:

"Gate 56.3 - Adapting to others or not today

Line 3 - Alienation Determined self-sufficiency. Exaltation: A will and egoism that often proves overbearing and guarantees continued isolation. Here, this is acceptable given the Sun's intrinsic vitality. The drive to control and be the focus of expression."

Maybe we're moving into a time of allowing each other to be the 'focus of expression'?

And it might be okay, because they have good ideas and are happy to work towards a shared vision?

Wouldn't that be great on a collective scale?

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