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It's Thursday, December 3rd. This is a fun date, too: 1234( because: 2020).

The last time we had this number sequence was January 23rd.

What's even more fun is that we've moved into Gene Key 5 'The Ending of Time' or 'Timelessness.'

Did you freak out, when you read that?

Really, it's just: (Shadow) Impatience – (Gift) Patience – (Siddhi) Timelessness

So... not the end of time - just the 'ending' of time, as we know it here in 3D. Richard Rudd writes:

'As we die, we return into the timeless realm. We return into the boundless. It isn’t somewhere else far away. It’s right here within. No one ever dies. Nothing ever dies. Life is nothing but eternity. Can we imagine what the world might be like if time starts to break down? Time has been our crutch for so long. When we begin to see through the veil of time into the eternal, then all our taboos will crack, and the greatest taboo of all is death. One day, in the now, we will remember all our incarnations. We will see the future as the Master does.'

In Human Design, Gate 5 is about:

'Waiting Gate of Fixed Patterns The Fixed Pattern is Sacred:

Line 1 - Perseverance If the captain must, he goes down with the ship. Exaltation: Courage in the face of adversity. The power to maintain one's own rhythm.'

How are you with patience and waiting?

It's funny to consider this Gate comes at the beginning of December...I remember not being very patient as a child!

So, with threats of a pending Blizzard ostensibly arriving this weekend, I chose to make the trip to Saratoga today. It's part of my routine 'rhythm.'

I'm always happy to stop at Scallions, after filling up water - especially this time, when I noticed they had removed the mandatory mask signs!

Now, I feel ready.

Are you stocked up for a storm?

Do you have what you might need, in the case of an 'emergency'?

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