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It's Friday, October 30th and it snowed here today. On Cape Cod.

Interesting, too, that we moved into Gene Key 44:(Shadow) Interference – (Gift) Teamwork – (Siddhi) Synarchy. We had a slow start in deciding what to do.

There was some time spent honoring the men who have passed on: the brothers, fathers, friends. A lot of information came through around 'severed connections,' 'feeling uprooted,' and 'fighting fires.'

Are you recognizing how thin the veil is right now with communicating to the other side?

Around 11:30, the day's schedule gelled and we headed out. First stop?

Lunch at Seafood Sam's.

When in Rome - I mean, when on the Cape, eat seafood!

Second stop?

The Boulangerie in Falmouth for bread, pastries, and coffee...

The lovely assistants were very accommodating and we left with some treats for later.

From there, we went to Highland Hall, where the exhibit 'Ancestry + Legacy' seemed to be was our timing, since it ends tomorrow.

When we arrived, we were thrilled to find this sculpture by Patrick Dougherty

Once inside, the range of art was both inspiring and heart-wrenching.

Several artists had collections of works inspired during this 2020 COVID pandemic, which was interesting; I realized I could relate to this, as I began this blog as an expressive outlet.

Some works seemed dark - artists are good at accessing the personal and collective shadow and allowing it out in a creative (and therefore less destructive) way.

Nate Olin presented this collection, "as a coping mechanism;" and stated, "the drawings made themselves."

Really, the whole exhibit was a powerfully thought- and emotion-provoking experience.

I found myself feeling the feels each artist had experienced and expressed in their process of creation: so much sorrow.

Has that ever happened for you?

Once back 'home,' there were several more personal/collective things we cleared.

It felt like we had the support of everyone on the Other Side!

This is when Tara reminded me she was very excited to get into the ocean... while it was snowing.


This is where my incredulity kicked in.

And yet, when in Rome, I mean the Cape - right?

So, I got on my suit and we drove down Scraggy Neck Road Extension til we found the perfect place to make a mad dash into the water.

We did it!

And we both felt SO ALIVE!

It was almost as if everyone in the Spirit World was cheering us on: go for it!

Be a little bit wild! Make the most of this human experience! Live for us! Make memories!

Perhaps this is the real teamwork? Working with everyone in the Nonphysical Realm?

Once thawed, we celebrated with pastries and art...

As today comes to a close, I am grateful for this diversion from everything else that has been happening...and for friends that encourage stretching beyond my comfort zone!

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