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In Tolerance

It's Saturday, February 13th. Waking early this morning was a bit painful. I lay quietly and various heavy thoughts floated through my head: of course! We're moving into a New Gate (30), with a whole host of new things to clear: (Shadow) Desire – (Gift) Lightness – (Siddhi) Rapture.

Richard writes:

The quality that comes with the Gift of Lightness is literally that of light. You begin to feel incandescent, as though lit from within. This is because every desire you have can really be reduced to a single overarching desire – the desire to know your true nature. When you can trace this huge insight in your life, all your desires begin to serve the one goal - to purify your inner nature in order to experience the higher frequencies of your greater self.'

Excerpt from The Seven Sacred Seals

Today we also hit both

'Line 1 - Composure Balance in the face of disorder. Exaltation: The maximization of limitation in all cases. Stability through feelings, no matter what the situation

and Line 2 - Pragmatism

The balance between extremes.

Exaltation: The productive application of energy without wastage. Not wasting energy on feelings.'

To me, this is the perfect time to live in tolerance.

As if to reflect this crazy thought, I received this thought provoking speech, by Rowan Atkinson.

Further, a short reflection on healing, by Vianna: "Cancer cells don't know they are evil, so don't send the energy of destruction or destroying to any part of the body...always send positive healing energy to the cancer cells. This promotes healing and allows the cells to communicate with the healthy cells of the body."

How can I hold more tolerance? How can I increase my capacity to hold more love?

What might be healed as a result?

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