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It's Thursday, January 14th. It's amazing to me that we are very nearly at the middle of the month.

Additionally, it's fascinating - as I sit and drink my tea - to consider that we are in the middle of (unconventional) warfare. Were you aware?

In a sense, we've always been...and it's been perpetuated by the shadow aspects we, ourselves, have been unwilling (unable?) to face. There are and have been tell-tale signs...

Kind of like the photos I am choosing today:

The chips are visible, the firewood is visible, the woodstove and fire is visible....yet the heat is invisible. Fun, huh?

Because the (invisible) heat is the reason for all of the other (visible) stuff!

I had a brief crisis of faith this morning. wondering if the work that I'm doing is really helpful and relevant. I wanted proof. Evidence. Some kind of sign that my participation in this Game of Life mattered.

Because the work I do is invisible.

On the way back from the post office, I glanced at the mileage in my car to see 11.7.

Moments later I noticed the clock: 11:17.

I don't imagine this 'sign' means anything to you....however, it was a powerful confirmation to me.

This seems in keeping with the energy of

Gate 61:Line 5 - Influence "Exaltation: The enlightened Father figure whose recognized wisdom and powerful assertion can mold a generation by its influence. The pressure to know that may result in influence and wisdom."

Again, we've always been engaged in war. When we acknowledge that this war is internal (as well as external) and we are dealing with invisible 'enemies,' we can choose to access that wiser aspect of us that allows us to see it all and understand what influence we have.

Accepting the invisible is what makes us indivisible.

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