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Implicate & Explicate

It's Monday, August 31st. (Happy Birthday, Owain!)

How amazing to be reaching the end of this month. Has it felt like it moved fast for you? Or slowly?

Today was Gate 40.4: Deliverance

(Gate of Aloneness/The Power of the Will to Deliver) The point of transition between struggle and liberation. The survival of the community is dependent upon a sustained and strong will.

I've been aware of my strong 'Will,' which is our Divine Feminine connection.

It's magnetic and ready to release any magnetized emotions that are ready to go...

When they are released, it allows fresh energy and resolve. When held, it perpetuates exhaustion.

This requires a certain level of willingness to be both 'the Observer and the Observed.'

How do you hold both roles, simultaneously?

David Bohm figured it out. It's something that ancient poets, artists, and mystics knew.

It's something that I've felt and been working with, for years...

It's how nature operates; the smallest is interconnected to the largest and contains the smallest...unfolding and enfolding.

This morning was pretty hectic, working with the furnace repairman, chimney sweeps, and wanting to say farewell to my friends.

In the middle of it all, a distraught gal called to ask for info on her lost dog.

I moved from that, to some amazing painting collaboration...which continued through the afternoon and into the evening.

While washing dishes, I had a chance to watch a fairly new documentary. It was absolutely marvelous!

What is the last movie/documentary you watched?

How did you feel afterward?

Was it something you wanted to share with everyone - or something to simply fill time?

Do yourself a favor and make time to watch this one.

I loved this film.

It's missing science/physics that was ostracized and repressed...that discusses the unfolding and unfolding of our experience; the seed, the blossom, the flower - the seed.

Our implicate experience is interconnected with the explicate.

So what, do you think, are the explications of that?

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