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Today, Wednesday, May 27, felt like another magical day to me.

It flew by - which is what time does when you're having fun!

Linda and Willow came over, so we spent the day very productively...imagineering.

Because who says work and learning have to be challenging or miserable?

We had a good balance of watching frogs, wading in the river, finding stones, and catching up on what has been going on in each of our lives...

It seemed like a bit of a science class. Unlike school, this was totally engaging!

These frogs were very busy. And their eggs looked very different than the frog eggs in the pond.

Then - Linda spotted this bottle. It must have floated down the river when the water level was a bit higher.

We looked - and even though the bottle was tightly capped and a message might have stayed dry, there was none inside.

After lunch, we moved to another part of the garden and wondered how different learning might be if everyone were able to simply pursue their interests and allow learning to follow wonder....

We talked about having community stores that were run collaboratively: not just food co-ops, maybe the hardware/gardening/supply stores, too. And what about Maker Spaces? Wouldn't that be fun to have, instead of a school? Could you see how schools might be remodeled into rooms for different creative expression?

We even talked about what it might be named: A.I.R. Art.Imagination.Regeneration

In his book, The Global Brain, Peter Russell talks about work that is not currently acknowledged as valuable: daydreaming, meditating, etc.

I believe there will come a time when this is not only valued, it will be encouraged. Joyfully having fun! Learning in process...bringing the imagined into reality. Making the impossible possible.

After all, we know the Red Queen suggested to Alice to practice, as she herself "believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

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