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On this Friday, May 8th, I woke with a sense of purpose and direction. Quietly sipping a very small cup of black coffee (which is something that I indulge infrequently) I made up my to-do list for the day.

When the phone rang, I was excited to re-connect with Karen, who was planning to bring down some divining materials and other assorted books and resources for future classes and workshops here. She wondered if she needed to wear a mask?

Right. This is such a prevalent thing right now. In fact, it was in my face yesterday (ha! pun!!), when I stopped by Stewarts on my field trip.

I flashed on the image of being gagged and silenced, as I watched two men exiting the store proclaiming how hard it was to breathe with a mask on.

And it made me think about all of the ways we are complicit in allowing this current fearful reality to influence us.

It made me wish I had brought my mask!

Isn't it very cool?

This was made in Italy and handpainted. It feels beautiful and magical.

And it is a "mask or face-covering"...right?

One that would send a different kind of message, too: I am not participating in your mask charade. I AM the creator of my experience.

I told Karen she didn't need to wear a mask on my behalf - I create my own health and vibrant immune system as a powerful, sovereign being. And since I did not have my mask to enter Stewarts, I went in without one. They kindly greeted me and made no mention of the fact that I was not wearing one.

We are at a crossroads right now. We get to look at what we are choosing and doing, in light of who we say - and believe - we are.

Are we choosing frustration or joy? Hostility or humor? Fear or Love?

What actions are you taking that create your identity as the loving and powerful being that YOU are?

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