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I Have a Dream...

It's Monday, January 18th, and my calendar reads 'Martin Luther King Jr. Day.'

MLK Jr. presented this speech on August 28th (my birthday!), 1963; the whole sentiment aligns with my personal mission and vision statement, as well as that of SPACE, Inc. here at Dream Barn Hollow.

That said, I awoke feeling extremely energetically and physically heavy and realized this week carries some real intensity

(Just check out the Astrology forecast!)

It's more than SAD (the Seasonal Affectation Disorder), which is something I easily remedy with sun-filled herbal salves and teas.

This is an awareness that the whole planet is on the precipice of major change. And even though I am fully aware of most of the news that will be disclosed, I am not immune to the energetic impact.

This is where I do what I can to nourish my physical body.

Biodynamically, today, tomorrow, and the first part of Wednesday are 'leaf' days, so I added some nutritious nori ribbons to the bottom of my bow, before adding some miso poached eggs. Fun, huh?

I reviewed this information about Gate 60:

"When we feel we cannot affect change around us, look inward. Accept the mystery of the mutative process and trust that transformation is occurring within us, and because of us, in the world around us."

So, here's hoping you are dreaming powerful, transformative dreams for yourself.

What might our collective dreams include?



Abundance & Generosity




Fabulous Health


Come on, what else can we dream?

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