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It's Wednesday, December 23rd ...and the countdown to Christmas is definitely ON!

Honestly, though, to me, this season feels a bit surreal this year. How about you?

At this point, even driving through town to the post office, or stopping by the credit union...feels a little like theatre.

Do you ever stop to wonder about your routines? The daily, weekly, monthly chores, and errands?

Really, though ... who wrote this script?

Is mine a leading role? Is it close to over?

Are we nearly ready for the cast party?!

Maybe it's my Human Design Profile:

5 (Heretic)/1(Investigator).

Definition of heretic?

'One who differs in opinion from an accepted belief or doctrine : NONCONFORMIST'

That fits with today's energy:

Gate 10:Line 5 - The heretic "Direct and overt challenge to norms. Exaltation: The ability to succeed through the understanding and expression of higher principles. Principled behaviour which directly challenges tradition."

I've spent enough lifetimes experiencing the "Detriment: The burning at the stake. Behaviour which directly challenges behaviour and is eventually punished."

So, after errands, I baked more cookies, was a relatively gracious hostess for visitors....

and am quietly sowing seeds of Higher Principles: quantum entanglement, spiritual enlightenment, and universal connectivity, all the while waiting for the curtain to fall.

Then we can all take off our masks!

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