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It's late in the day, this Thursday, April 15. It has been gray, rainy, and increasingly cold and raw.

Numerologically, it's a '6' day (have you been your home a more peaceful haven?) and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day.

After speaking to 4 (Human Design) Projector friends today (2 Right-Angle; 2 Left-Angle), who are super tuned in to the Collective Energy, I have determined that it is not just me noticing and impacted by the dense, heavy intensity of current frequencies.

How are you faring?

Have you been noticing how these vibes are hitting you?

Is it more physically, emotionally, or mentally?

As I consider that we have arrived at the last day of this Gate, I am relieved.

I also felt the urge to clear....

Some components were pretty straight forward: issues again around speaking up/speaking out/ speaking one's truth;

taking/creating unfair advantage; relegating issues to the back burner, rather than dealing with them in the present.

Others seemed a bit trickier: passive aggression. Sometimes this is conscious, sometimes sub- or un-conscious; sometimes it's utilized to pick a fight to avoid the real issue straight up.

I also revisited my North-Node advice:

"God's spiritual government can never fall out of place..." and:

"My survival is not threatened by disorder."

Perhaps the last one is helpful for you, too:

"All is well and everything is unfolding as it should." (Thank you, Jan Spiller!)

Today's the last of Gate 41:Line 6 - Nurturing "Exaltation: A natural and instinctive nurturing of others. The power to share the process of growth with others. Detriment: A restrictive and malefic materialism that is self-alienating and encourages aggression. The refusal to share the benefits of growth with others."

How perfect that each of these cards drawn relects the (eventual?) balance: moving through the chaos of the Wheel of Fate to be reborn of Mother Earth and eventually reach an oasis: "the relief of emotional calm after a tense period."

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