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Happy Spring!

It's Saturday, March 20th: Spring Equinox, International Astrology Day, and Ostara.

Numerologically, it's a '1' day - good for beginnings, establishing foundations; biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. Today's energy of Gate 25: Line 3 is about:"Sensibility

The recognition that innocent action does not in itself guarantee success. Exaltation: The power of the ego to withstand failure and still maintain its nature. The power of the spirit to withstand failure and shock."


Got that firsthand this morning in a class Zoom mtg. with my cohort...

Have you ever gotten a 'smackdown' for asking a clarifying question? Or dealt with a false accusation? Ouch!

I went outside to ground myself and clear.

There's so much happening in the world right now - on so many fronts.

And yet, the most important thing to recognize, is that the change/healing I want to see externally must be created internally.

Last night I shared one of my favorite movies. It's a visual feast of imagery that illustrates key concepts: we are powerful creators; healing takes place in deep connection, not rejection; Heaven or Hell is co-created, as we become aware of our participation.

Bryn's blueberry pie showed up in this Heaven - yum!

There were a few other concepts that were brought up, too:

How can we construct questions that align us with our best (Divined) answer?

What happens when we imagine we can create solutions?

What is our Highest (collective) Expression?

There are Worldwide Freedom Rallies taking place this weekend, as 'Warriors of the Radical Light' unite for peace, truth, love, freedom, and universal rights.

Maybe you'll be attending physically?

Or in spirit?

However you show up, I am so grateful; there is a huge amount of 'failure and shock' for us to heal...micro AND macrocosmically.

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