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Happy Easter!

It's April 12, Easter Sunday and I find myself wondering about the etymology of the word: "Easter."

Spring? Sun? Dawn? East?

Are you curious? How do you go about finding answers? Where do you start looking into something that you are interested in researching? At what point do you stop? What happens if you find something that is hard for you to reconcile - either intellectually or emotionally?

These are some of the questions that I'm wondering about, based on a recent conversation with another brilliant thinker, whose views on some topics are very different than mine. I'm interested in learning how to stay open-minded, open-hearted and

share perspectives.

Now, more than ever when I find myself having strong opinions, I work to figure out where and how they were formed; working to move to a place of curiosity. Sometimes, I simply ask myself a question out loud - and see what type of answer shows up. Often, I get an answer, even when it's just a rhetorical question!

Other times, I'll type in something into DuckDuckGo - and when options show up, I'll scroll until I feel drawn to click on a certain link, trusting my intuition to guide me to find whatever it is I need to find. In every case, I feel the truth of the answer in my body.

Not all answers are easy. In fact, some responses and information have been so tough to process I have hard conversations and follow up questions for mySelf-at-Source; you may have other names: Guides, Guardian Angels, Psychic Guidance, Higher Self, Divine Guidance. My mind has had to expand and my heart has cracked open again and again. This is all part of a Great Awakening for all of us.

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