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It's Monday, August 10th, and my day was slightly rearranged today. More than once.

I was reminded of one of Martha's favorite sayings: Blessed are those who are flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape... too true!

I found myself working in the house, quietly priming, priming, priming.

As I worked, I considered all of the memories again. It's hard to believe that Nathan graduated high school 10 years ago!

One memory after another floated in...and then away. I realize what a different mother I would be now. Much more patient, I'm sure.

Maybe I just like to think so?

Perhaps this is why the Europeans arrange to have grandparents stay home with the babies and toddlers, while parents go back to work?

I have not yet been able to prime over the door frame where both Nathan and Mark loved to measure themselves.

How do we measure growth, when we stop growing physically?

Maybe this is the best reason for journaling?

To be able to go back and realize there was emotional growth and spiritual growth, as we navigated through life?

As I was looking for stamps, I came across the small photo album with a few choice memories of both boys.

They have both taught me so much!

I still laugh at this photo - Nathan literally watched me tear through the place, trying to find him, while he sat so quietly he blended with his 'friends.'

Year of the Monkey, this one.

There is no question they are a good team.

Do you have siblings?

Where do you fall in the birth order?

Are you still in touch with them?

I do hope that happy memories we made will carry these guys through rough times; that as they continue to grow and mature, they stay connected with their Inner Child.

Have you let your Inner Child out to play lately? Go's time!

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