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Goat Island

It's Wednesday, May 12. Numerologically, this is a '4' day (practical, logical, getting down to business); biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. With these two energies at play, it seems like any New Moon intentions from yesterday will be grounded today!

This morning I spent several hours wandering around historic Newport. I wandered up and down small streets, in and out of stores...sensing the history of these buildings. I paused at Equality Park to read the plaque at the end of a small stretch of grass and was approached by a gentleman (apparently unconcerned at my masklessness), who commented on the fascinating history of this state.

Agreed! I was feeling it...

I returned to Goat Island several hours later to tune into what was left for me, here.

A small pathway wound around the back of the apartment and I located a sweet little patch of beach.

Here I sat uninterrupted for a meditation on earth and sky; water and land. The breeze was cool, the sand was warm, and I could sense clearing was occurring through the sensations in my body.

What was I picking up?

A feeling of storm beneath the calm? Calm before the storm?

As it turns out, Goat Island has some pretty interesting history. Maybe more info will surface - right now it still feels a bit fragmented:

"Gate 23: Line 4 - Fragmentation Diversification without a perceived potential for synthesis. Exaltation: Fatalism and egoism and damn the consequences. Individual expression which has no collective value."

All things considered, my (individual/personal) experience has been that seemingly unconnected things are related. It's enough that I was here today with intentions of healing and clearing.

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