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Gardening ADD

It's Saturday, July 10th (Happy Birthday, Sarah!)...actually, since it's after midnight, it's Sunday, July 11th. All those of you who wish I would write earlier in the day are getting your wish!

Biodynamically, it's a 'leaf' day, and numerologically, it's a '5' day (are you ready for change and surprise?)

One thing I wanted to share today was an observation I made, as I puttered in the garden. (Wait...'puttered'? Who says that?!)

So, as I was busting my a** in the garden today, I noticed two things:

  • I have a very random way of circling around from one task to another - without necessarily completing one thing in linear, sequential time.

Does that makes sense?

For instance, I'll start watering, look down and notice there are some weeds, so I pull those - and from there realize all of the scapes are ready to be cut, so I cut them, and as I take them into the kitchen, I remember I was working on mulching the front flowerbed....

My circuitous route took me all over today!

The second thing? Even more interesting....

  • Playing recorded music was a subtle drain on my vital life-force energy.

Right? This was fascinating to me, too...

I realize that this year, until now, I had not connected music to listen to (loudly) while I gardened. Instead, I sang to myself, hummed, or listened to the busy sounds of the birds, insects, and other creatures. I was always recharged by gardening.

Today, when I finished the front flower bed, I was wiped! I truly believe it's the difference between 440Hz music and 432Hz...

...the latter being a healing frequency, which was changed to 440Hz and a subtle way to undermine health with disharmony.

After showering, I gave myself a Cohere Mat session to bring myself back into harmony, before heading out to meet some new friends.

As we complete the last day of Gate 53, I'm taking a moment to notice all of the convergences.

"Line 6 - Phasing

Exaltation: The successful utilization of the completion of a stage in development, that by its evident success and value can be used as an example to attract support for the next stage. The energy to attract support for beginnings based on the success of the past."

Again, recognition of my process (circuitous -ok), and my energy (440Hz -not ok; won't do that again!) - and then connecting in a new location with new, like-minded, open-hearted friends (more new insights coming!) seems to be pointing to progress being made...

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