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Garden Gnome

Every now and then, I am thoroughly convinced that ALL is WELL with the world....

Today, Wednesday, May 18th, was just such a day. The weather was glorious, it was an '11' day (Master Number!), and we had 11 participants for the Biodynamic Spring Fling here At Dream Barn Hollow.

Including a gnome.

Not really.

But he did fit right in with all of the other elementals...and the grown-ups, too! Today I noticed I have realized my dream: multi-generational learning opportunities that are meaningful, empowering, and very much 'hands-on.'

Everyone participating in collaboration, curiosity, interest, and joy.

Especially grateful to have had Divine Assistants, Spirit Guides, & Ancestors...who seemed present working with us and through us.

Can you see that illumination?

Thank you, Joe, for sharing your accumulated insights around biodynamics; thank you Rudolf Steiner, for reminding us that "the dead know better than we what must happen socially, and we need to listen to them and become instruments to carry out their insights." (16.12.17)

Thank you, wonderful participants who showed up at the crack of dawn - some of you having driven for hours! - because you felt the call, the invitation, the need to be here.

We stirred and stirred. And then: it was time!

Off we went, distributing this nourishing prep with a gracious flick of the wrist...consciously intending to enliven the vital energies of the soil.

How perfect for this "Gate 8:Line 4 - Respect The gift of naturally recognizing the contributions of others and particularly, the acknowledgement of those who lead by example.Exaltation: The uncompromizing drive to assimilate. The drive to contribute and be an example to and for others."

Thank you, Anne and Moira; you who hold the siddhi of this Gene Key with integrity: 'Quintessence.'

It feels like I experienced this today...the quintessence of humanity; truly a beautiful example of what is possible!

I'm already looking forward to the next time we connect....on June 18th:

Biodynamics, round #2!!

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