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It's Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Todays' Daily Gate 1, line 3 - "The energy to sustain creative work; Exaltation: Mars exalted as the symbol of the profound need for self-expression. The deep need for self-expression."

Do you feel able to express yourself creatively in a satisfying way?

My first call this morning was a panicky friend who was watching too much news. That can literally make you ill, ya know!

We talked a bit about the shenanigans being allowed to play out on a country-wide scale.

This is all about exposing the fraudulent voting system.

If we can allow the game to be played out, without making ourselves sick, we'll see the way the cheaters expose themselves...

My second call was a longer one that involved some self-reflection around desire.

Do you have passion fueling your life?

Do you follow your heart, when you get a 'nudge' from your Guides - or default to being rational?

I believe that when we feel passionate about something, that emotion is guidance to align us with our purpose, which is then also of service to the collective.

Although I had a to-do list, I ended up beginning a small organizing project that ended up taking the whole rest of the day!

As I organized cabinets, shifted books, and sorted through the closets, I realized I was releasing another layer of 'stuff.'

Funny, too, how that led to telepathic communication with Janet, who came over for a walk and to pick up a book I had just marked with a post-it for her!

I returned from our walk to finish straightening.

This game of life is much more interesting to me than most games I have here for game nights.

Understanding what really makes you tick -

and being able to hold space as an observer from the place beyond the game - that is a worthy win!

Have you figured out how?

Here's some brain candy: a New Documentary featuring some of my fave people: Deconstructing Sentience. Let me know what you think!

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