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Today, was S.H.I.T day, June 18: So Happy It's Thursday! Don't you love a funny acronym? (Thank you, Stacie...I do appreciate your twisted sense of humor!)

Also, it was the start of Mercury retrograde - until July 12th.

It's funny how this wraps around the Solstice, Father's Day, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

It seems like an opportunity to wrap anything up that did not end up with closure, since the last retrograde.

I was ready for more spring water from Saratoga and had promised to take Cynthia this time.

Before leaving, I took a quick walk through the garden to see what had decided to show up...Peonies, Foxgloves, and...


When Cynthia arrived, we headed over to NY

to fill some water jugs with spring water.

This is Talullah...

...and this is Polaris.

We stopped for fish and chips at Moby Rick's on the way back.

We had such a fun conversation with Jamison, who was so knowledgable about the fish: how and where it was caught and how to prepare it. It was obvious to me that he was passionate about fishing (he mentioned he had more lures than Cabela's) and cooking, too! Can you tell the difference when someone makes food especially for you? It always seems to taste better!

It was a good trip - the weather was beautiful, we had some interesting insights and delicious food. When we arrived home, I was happy to catch up with Melanie, whom I haven't seen in ??? days. Way too long!

It's good to remember that communication, technology, and transportation are usually influenced by Mercury. Can you be flexible when communication breaks down? Are you compassionate when others are short-tempered? Do you have solid transportation and alternative options?

I feel like the fullness of today is a little foreshadowing of the coming days, as we move into summer...are you ready?

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