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Full Flower Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Ahhhhhh....that' a mouthful, huh?

It's Sunday, May 15th and there are so many aspects highlighted, it's an astrological buffet. Especially with all of this happening in Mercury retrograde (revisiting things and bringing things to light that need to be addressed-including communication issues!!), while moving into New Gate 8: "Holding Together;Gate of Contribution,Leading by Example.

Line 1 - Honesty The truthful acceptance of limitation and re-cognition that it can only be transcended through sharing. Exaltation: The awareness that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Knowing that creative expression must be honestly communicated and shared. Detriment: Withdrawal. The fear of losing individuality in a group environment. The design to share creativity at the expense of individuality."

Rudd considers Gene Key 8 to be Style; the 'Diamond of the Self.'

(Shadow)Mediocrity – (Gift)Style – (Siddhi)Exquisiteness

Additionally, today is a 'Flower' day, bio-dynamically.

How joyful it is to walk through my garden and honor each flower for its style...there is no competition. All are lovely and complement each other.

Are we ready to make that shift in perspective as humans? To see the exquisiteness in each other?

I'm seeing it happening here At Dream Barn Hollow. The people arriving for sessions and events are willing to engage in uncovering hidden blindspots, discovering and remembering aspects of themselves, sharing insights & gifts. It's so beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorite online people sharing updates...

Allison Coe, with a recent session; Penny Kelly with Consciousness on Fire; Pam Gregory with info about this Moon; and

Frank Jacob, who created the documentary Solar Revolution.

Now, I'm heading outside into the morning sun. This is my favorite way to integrate these extreme solar energies..lovin' up my gardens!

If you have a chance to come this coming Wednesday morning at 7:00 am, we will be gathering for a Biodynamic workshop and spring fling!

It's short notice, I know...that's the way time seems to be happening these days.

Carpe Diem!!

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