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It's Friday, January 8th. Happy Birthday, Oliver! (As 'Alpha' Alice, I love that mom referred to you as 'Omega' you think they planned that?)

With everything that's happening, it would be easy to feel discombobulated.

As I contemplated what to write, I thought back to Jordan Peterson's talk

He speaks about perception and how perception is formed. How we are guided to think, see, and perceive a certain way.

Isn't it all about how something is framed?

You can choose to see the good - or the bad.

The light or the dark.

A frame can certainly focus us on one way of seeing things...

It allows our attention and perception to be guided in a very specific direction.

Of course, sometimes, the focus is very purposeful - and may or may not be for the reasons we think or believe.

False flags are used to frame someone (or a country), in order to gain public acceptance & justification for an attack. Right now, a lot of evidence is emerging that points to the January 6th event, as just such an excuse. It might be interesting to consider that each event may serve a dual purpose...

...especially in light of today's Gate 54:

"Line 4 - Enlightenment/ endarkenment Here, in this most mystical of positions, there is neither an exaltation nor a detriment, for in truth, they are the same. Exaltation: The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beginning. There is no description possible. Each planet will manifest this energy uniquely with absolutely no guarantee that its effects will even be perceived. However, the potential is always there. The fuel for transformation at its purest level. No polarity. No specific planetary accent."

So, while more and more people are questioning the presented 'facts' and images - it might be useful to keep our awareness on the even bigger picture (from all around the world!) - which may not yet even fit into the 'frame.'

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