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It's Sunday, 9/20/2020. Last night I had a frost here - and we are supposed to get another one tonight. Have you had one yet? Some plants (like people right now) are less hearty & resilient than others.

This meant I was busy, busy, busy yesterday...processing tomatoes and peppers.

All day I ran around (like a squirrel with acorns!) making tomato paste, catsup, sweet pepper relish, and vegetable broth.

There was a question of what to work on first - and things flowed, once I got out of my logical brain and just started doing it.

It was satisfying to wake up and see the counters covered with jars!

And then - a moment of worry: checking to see if the phone/internet connections were working.

Seemed to be. For the moment.

How dependent we have become on having these infrastructures in place, huh?

I got a bit more painting done, before deciding it was important to catch up with Sue for the Zoom calls I missed for class.

Ha! Little did I realize at the time, we had moved into Gene Key 46: (Shadow)Seriousness – (Gift)Delight – (Siddhi)Ecstasy 

Human Design reminds us this Gate is about:

"Good fortune that may be perceived as the result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication. To accept that one is in the right place is deeply spiritual."

When I arrived I was handed a sweet little Honeynut squash (have you ever heard of such a thing? Delicious!) - which I enjoyed with copious amounts of butter.

Catching up took place on the Connecticut we were kayaking. How fun was that? Just perfect...a lovely future memory.

I reflected again tonight how important it is, to balance fragility and seriousness with delight.

As we move through the coming uncertainty and heaviness of the next few weeks - from phone and internet outages to media scares - I will be doing my best to really focus on finding and holding delight.

Also, can you choose to remember that you are in the right place? And feel the delight in that?

Will you temper collective seriousness and fragility with humor and delight - even as seasons change and structures crumble?

Because - hey. Delight is the gift. From there we move to ecstasy!!

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