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It's Wednesday, July 7th - I love the 7.7 part, don't you? This makes it a '1' day, numerologically (did you connect in with your own power?) and a 'root' day, biodynamically (a perfect reason to eat a little ginger ice cream, yes?).

As a '1' day, I felt super productive in many regards: efficient at filing SPACE information/business info, catching up on returning calls, filling out paperwork for the September Mind/Body/Soul Expo in Saratoga...and other such stuff.

Then, the firewood was delivered! So I moved from other gardening plans to stacking-wood-mode. Physical fortitude (increased by listening to The Head and the Heart!)

As I worked, I kept smelling something foul.

Living on Rte 11(which is a pretty major road, actually) there are occasionally some animal accidents; today, I found two. Ugh.

This required me to reach deep and access other types of fortitude: mental fortitude, emotional fortitude.

I can't look away - this is my responsibility.

It's part of life here.

And some things (like smelly, rotting, decomposing animal carcasses) just end up being a worse mess to deal with, if they're ignored.

Fun? Pretty? No...not usually.

Just part of the clean-up that is happening everywhere on the planet at this time.

Also perfect that we've moved into

Gene Key 53:Evolving Beyond Evolution (Shadow)Immaturity – (Gift)Expansion – (Siddhi)Superabundance

Rudd writes: "Expansion is a process of transcending and including."

As I created the funeral pyre, I considered how I've matured as a result of living in Vermont. It has allowed me to expand in ways I would never have appreciated.

Is expansion easy? Not usually.

Is it so worth it? Always!

I feel so grateful that I've matured enough to tackle tough jobs that would have originally turned my stomach and/or created cognitive dissonance.

Now it's my turn to hold space for others as they expand...

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