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Feast Day of St. Dorothy

Happy Saturday, February 6th. It's a '4' day, numerologically, and still a 'leaf' day, biodynamically.

Tony called to remind me that today is also the Feast Day of St. Dorothy.

Dorothea of Caesaria is considered Patron Saint of: Newlyweds, Brewers, Brides, Florists, Gardeners, & Midwives.

According to legend, she "refused to sacrifice to the gods during Emperor Diocletian's persecution of the Christians, was tortured by the governor and ordered executed.

On the way to the place of execution, she met a young lawyer, Theophilus, who mockingly asked her to send him fruits from "the garden" she had joyously announced she would soon be in. When she knelt for her execution, she prayed, and an angel with a basket of three roses and three apples, which she sent to Theophilus, telling him she would meet him in the garden."

It's a fascinating story - perhaps relevant to me, because my middle name is Dorothea - and I do live for being in my garden...

After my conversation with Tony, I got ready for my appointments with two sweet ladies this afternoon.

We had an amazing conversation with each other and the Beyond. Then, after her energy work, one sat up and shared that she 'kept getting little pink roses'!

Astonished, I shared the info about St. Dorothy - and the symbolism of the rose: Divine Love.

Experiencing Unconditional Love allows us to heal and return to wholeness; we are wrapped in warmth and compassion.

This feels like our natural state of being: loved and loving.

This was such a lovely, validating message for me today, as we reach the last day of Gate 13: Line 6 - The optimist "The ability to accept any limited interaction as a necessary step towards greater union. Exaltation: The energy to persevere. Unlimited hope. The hope that openness will lead to better relationships."

I'm sending out love and 'little pink roses' to all of you heal whatever shows up in need of healing!

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