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Father's Day

It's Sunday, June 21st...a New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Father's Day.

For me, it was an opportunity to connect with some friends that I first met over a decade of whom I haven't seen in at least ten years. It made me realize how much things have changed.

Have you noticed that happening in your life? That people, with whom you've lost touch, are showing up?

For me, it's also about looking at these experiences within the framework of the bigger cycle, too: a week, a year, a decade.

On the phone, in between visitors today, I heard myself say: "this week has been the longest year, yet!" Have you felt it?

When I received an email from Wednesday's trip (photo credit: Vicky), I realized this is us, individually (and collectively) dealing with any residual shadow and unhealed trauma, before moving on.

As Cortney celebrated her birthday yesterday, I felt so honored to be part, watching her sweet family wrap around lovingly and supportively.

Her son, Marley (not pictured) shared some insights about a game, that hold bigger themes, which also apply to other areas of life.

It feels so relevant to the way we are 'playing' together now:

(I'm paraphrasing) If you enter a game as an individual player, you don't always know the characters that comprise your team. You can consider yourself lucky if you you find your team works and performs well together with good communication and integrity. This way, the nature of the game is not compromised or degraded.

Wow, huh?

I am so grateful for finding such inspired team players for this human experience I'm (we're) having.

With everyone working together, I feel we're moving to the next level...!

And by 'everyone,' I literally mean everyone: in the physical and non-physical form.

That was the theme this evening, as Lisa, Tara, Katya, and I worked to clear some shadows/ density that were surfacing for us individually/collectively. It required teamwork, good communication, and collaboration. We listened to each other and to the ancestors and those who have passed on, who have a bigger picture: Thanks, Dad - Happy Father's Day!

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