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Fat Tuesday

It's Tuesday, February 16th...and it's Mardigras!

Dave mentioned it's been canceled this year (What?! SO unfair!).

I've revisited some memories of wild partying in Germany with costumes and 'Berliner,' (the jelly doughnuts or 'beignets') that are eaten this time of year...yum!

It's still a 'leaf' day, biodynamically; also a '5' day, numerologically, which is about change and surprise.

Perhaps the change and surprise was the snow that turned to rain, which made for the heaviest precipitation this year.

Not. Fun. To. Shovel.

So I'm balancing the shoveling with listening to this report of vaccine outcomes.

I'm fortunate to have had a few fun phone calls to distract me from diving too deeply into homework...

Seems appropriate for today's energy:

Gate 30:Line 5 - Irony "Recognition and dedication to transitory goals. Exaltation: The strength derived from knowledge and experience that two steps forward and one step back, is still one step forward. Each new feeling brings back an old feeling before progress can take place."

Does it feel like that to you, right now?

Like progress is suuuuuper slooooow?

Are you finding ways to deal with everything that is 'supposed to' be done with the amount of energy that you actually have?

Maybe priorities have changed, too?

All I know is that tomorrow is the last line of Gate 30 ...and if the siddhi is 'Rapture' - I am holding out for that!!

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