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False Representation

It's Thursday, November 19th. A 7 day, numerologically...and we've moved into a root day, biodynamically. Of course, this is the time of year that I love roasting roots, making borscht, carrot-ginger, and 'baked potato' soups.

Perhaps it was also a day of remembering our own roots? Acknowledging our foundations?

Like this sweet little Russian nesting doll, I feel like my foundation is solid both internally and externally...and multi-layered to boot!

As I worked with people today, in various capacities, I realize that this moment in time is the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge that the foundation of humanity is really: love.

Is that your foundation?

Consider Gate 14: Line 4 - Security "The concentration on establishing a strong foundation. Exaltation: Protection from assault. The key to power lies in developing skills to ensure a strong foundation."

Skills.... Not guns? Not fighting?

And what does that mean, with regards to 'protection from assault'?

Maybe it is important to consider:

The Detriment:

"Overconfidence in meeting the challenge of competition that may threaten the very basis of security. Without the proper skills the inability to guarantee security."

Check out the fun hat - with a multitude of emblems I bought on my trip to Russia...I never considered all of the hidden meanings.

With the state of the world right now, I might be considered dangerous, if I wore it outside.

Yet, if you could choose to see me as love, you would not feel fearful or threatened.

At what point, though, do we take action against someone or something that is threatening? At what point do we take action? At what point do we intervene, when we perceive the safety of others is at risk? Do we wait until someone is harmed, first?

And how do we continue to develop necessary skills to ensure strong foundations... individually, as communities, as countries, as the world?

This is an idea that I'm wrestling with right can I use all of the skills (love) I have developed as part of my strong foundation to protect (myself and others) from assault? Would I even recognize an assault if it were to be presented as something good, say...advice from a friend? Or - a vaccine?

Yeah, this one is tricky, alright...

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