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It's Friday, May 14th, 2021. Today is the second 5.5.5 portal...

Biodynamically, it's a 'root' day; numerologically, it's a '6' day (a good day for entertaining at home!)

Additionally, the moon has been Void-of-Course ALL DAY. Did you notice it? A sense of distractedness?

(Ostensibly, Virgos and Geminis can power through these times; it still felt like I was a bit untethered at some points today!)

That said, I needed to make use of the 'root' day energy to plant and transplant.

I started pretty early and planted:

  • three hops plants

  • eight elderberries

  • seven wormwood bushes

  • one columbine

  • one astilbe

  • dozens of 5 variety of potatoes...

  • and a partidge in a pear tree? Ha!!

I got really efficient at assembling the potato cages that Celeste had shown and explained. After I got them all put together, I set them on top of one of the garden beds.

They each have some hay at hay at the bottom and I covered the potatoes with a layer of shredded leaves. How happy to be keeping all of the layering contained!

I hustled to get ready for the evening's potluck, which became fascinating when Brigham brought some queen bee cells (don't you just love show and tell?)

There was an opportunity for everyone to try some Royal Jelly. Spoiler alert: Not sweet.

There was, however, crystallized honey tasting. And brood.

Such good fun, huh?

As we wrap up today, I marvel at the perfection of "Gate 23.6 - Theme of fitting it all together today

Line 6 - Fusion; The gradual attunement of diversity through synthesis. Exaltation: The exponential growth of energy and its power of assertion engendered by fusion. Individual knowing which brings diversity to synthesis."

Working with folks here, as well as in Texas, and Arizona addition to the amount of planting and planning for tonight has felt like diversity and synthesis!

Are you keeping up with the changes? Opportunities? Attunements? Faith that it's all coming together?

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