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It's Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. We have moved into Gene Key 64 (Shadow)Confusion – (Gift)Imagination – (Siddhi) Illumination 

Here is a bit of Richard Rudd's thought:

"In higher dimensions colours exist that are so exquisite that we would dissolve if we saw them. We perceive colour through the physical eye, but to the Siddhis there is only one eye - and therefore all colour is infinite. That is something worthy of Contemplation."

A few days ago, I asked my son what it would take to change his mind.

I wondered what his answer would be...

He told me overwhelming facts would do the trick.

I have a number of follow up questions...

  • What would be acceptable/overwhelming 'facts'?

  • What happens when truth has been hidden?

  • What happens when lies have been presented as truth?

  • Does might make right...or quantity trump quality?

  • When do you listen to your own Inner Wisdom/Guidance?

  • How do you sort out Fiction from Fact?

  • Are we able to discern truth, if our body is too toxic to give us feedback?

  • When will all of the fictions become illuminated?

  • What will happen, once everyone does 'wake up'?

  • Am I ready to let go of whatever story I had been holding on to - in order to imagine something better?

  • How does it get even better than this?

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