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This morning, Thursday, April 16, came early for me: 3:00 am, to be precise. These days, the whole concept of linear time, routines and schedules seems to be completely unraveling...a thought I may explore further on another day. (Are you having this experience, too? Is anything else unraveling for you, as well?)

This time seems to be a sacred time of insights, energetic downloads and opportunity to connect beyond the veil. And this morning I had a 'Eureka' moment. Let's talk about this for just a moment. Apparently the word was shouted by Greek inventor Archimedes, who gained an answer to his question, while in the bath. In his excitement, he ran home naked.

Heureka means 'I have found it, or 'I find' - which is also related to the root of 'heuristic': lived-/experience-based learning and problem-solving.

So, my Eureka moment came as a result of a question posed the other day. Here's the backstory.

Last Saturday, while I was mulching, I heard a tremendous crash and was completely startled to find that the rows of leftover firewood had collapsed. There was no way to straighten them up, so I reached out to my son and hoped he would be willing to come help.

He came over on Tuesday and we worked together to shift the entire collapsed pile from one side to the other, catching up on what was happening in our lives.

I asked him whether he had watched the documentary I had shared and he admitted he had not. He then asked me why I was so intent on sharing this information with people...because, he hinted, it might impact my credibility.

At the time, I could only tell him that I wanted light shone on the Truth. That we need Truth to wake up.

Here's the Eureka answer that came today, after a few days of percolating: it's only when we are willing to look at what is, realize what has been happening and how we, perhaps have been (unconsciously) complicit in allowing and contributing to it, that we have an opportunity to own our power and make a change.

As a Collective, we are are all connected energetically. The only time that anybody wields power over you is when you give it away - whether consciously or subconsciously. Isn't it time to really look at how we are spending our time and power? Are you ready to withdraw energy from abusive vampiric systems that torture innocents? Would you be willing to look at how this has been happening - if it meant you could make an informed choice to reclaim your sovereign power?

The collapse is necessary - so we can look at how to co-create a world that works for us all.

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