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It's Tuesday, May 12 and as I consider the various to-do things I hope to accomplish today, I have a smile on my face. Feeling productive always feels good to me - as does the idea that productivity and entertainment can sometimes be the same.

Like feeding the chickens. If you have chickens, you probably know what I mean: pets are delightfully entertaining!

Both sons came for a visit yesterday and we shared what we've been up to. They tried the quinine tonic syrup I had made, told me about various movies to watch (and which ones to avoid!) - and then Mark started laughing. His laughter is often contagious. He was remembering a YouTube video, where someone had fed a chicken and trained it to jump.

Of course, that led to the question: what do we have, so we could try that?

And he got creative with an apple on a string. He was so engaged and excited to try this experiment!

As Nathan and I watched him hoping to catch a chicken 'jumping vertically' to eat the apple, I was reminded how much I am entertained, watching my sons!

We, humans, are naturally curious, creative, and joyful beings. As the chickens gathered around, trying to figure out what exactly was going on, I laughed so hard, my sides hurt.

The chickens were getting a treat, Mark was trying an experiment, I was being was a win/win/win!

Why am I sharing this silly story? There's a lot to focus on right now in the world...and I thought it was a good reminder:

Am I finding ways to stay in the joy of it all? Am I finding entertainment in ways that are creative and productive? Am I balancing screen time with green time? When I choose how to spend my time, is it creative, joyful, and entertaining?

I thought I'd share a laugh to start you planning your creative, joyful, entertaining win/win today!

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